Veteran politician, Padmasri Kalluri Subbarao, popularly known as Abhinava Andhrabhoja for his renowned contribution to art and literaturemade a significant contribution to the existence of LKP. Subbarao proved his utmost love for art by offering land for the construction of this cultural centre. It is noteworthy that the land,he offered, was gifted to him by the Government of India, in recognition to his contribution to the freedom movement.

  1. Yaganti, Roddam Hanumantha Rao, P.S. Sharma and M.C.Ranganaayakulu delivered their unforgettable services to LKP as its secretaries, during the 1956-75 period.

During his tenure, P.S. Sharma formed an institute of learning for drama, under which, various training sessions and real-time programmes on dance were organised for young artists. As an additional encouragement to young artists, Sharma went on to organise drama shows, across the state. Despite of budgetary challenges, Sharma could successfully organise many programmes under LKP.

Under the control of District Collectors, LKP hosted many government-related and public-funded, private literary cultural and spiritual programmes.

M.P. Ranganayakulu was LKP’s secretary in 1975. Following his demise during the same year, Narasimha Murthy, who was working as the Principal of reputed Sri Saibaba National Junior College, Anantapur, was selected as the new Secretary.

From a professor to becoming a Principal, Narasimha Murthy gained an utmost respect during 35 years of his service at Sai baba college. He brought out talents,who later on excelled in various fields like politics, at the national level. Murthy gained due respect for all his activities, as an NCC officer for upper primary and junior college level students, and also as an artist, trainer, director, writer and photographer.

Having a multifaceted expert like Narasimha Murthy as the secretary is considered as a boon for LKP. During 25 years of his relentless service as a Secretary of LKP, Narasimha Murthy organised prestigious cultural and spiritual programs, including Avadhaanas, Chaturganitha and Shataavadhans. During all such programs, various experts were felicitated and awarded for excellence in their related fields and contribution to the world of art.

Narasimha Murthy introduced an award in the name of the world’s renowned artist, Kala Prapoorna Ballari Raghava, and offered cash prize of Rs. 5,116/-for every artist recognised under this award. A trust in the name of Kalluri Subbarao and a training academy for music, dance and drama, named after well-known actor, Roddam Hanumantha Rao, are among other popular initiatives put forward by Narasimha Murthy. As an encouragement to poetry-based drama plays, Narasimha Murthy appointed a harmonium player on a regular pay basis and has also been supporting many talents excelled in their community-related arts.

On the whole, Narasimha Murthy, in his 25 years of service as a Secretary, has majorly contributed to the overall development of LKP, which today,evolved into a self-dependent, well-known cultural centre, at both the district and state levels, says Amalla Dinne Gopinath, Organising Secretary, LKP.