From avillage level, Gopinath went onto serve key positions in the field of library,as a head librarian,manager,organiser, among others, across various states.He was recognised and respectedall over, for his contribution to literature and arts. Gopinath is well-known as an artistin Aaakashavani Doordarshan. He gained utmost appreciation for his performance as an artist (folk-style),orator, organiser,anchor, writer and actor. Gopinath was lauded everywhere for his sense of humourin discourse, for which, he waseven honoured with ‘HasyaBhaarathi’ title. With all these talents in place, Gopinath is undoubtedly a multi-faceted personality.

Nation-wide, Gopinath has received many significant awards and titles for his outstanding services to thelibrary sector and the world of art. Many states honoured him with the ‘distinguished librarian’and ‘distinguished artist’titles.He was also recognised by various charities and trusts for his significant service activities.  All these honours make Gopinath, a special personality of Rayalaseeema region of the Andhra Pradesh State.

Gopinath is known to have participated, organised and been whole and soul of around 5,000 meetings, all over the nation. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi and Goawere among other states, to have recognised and felicitated Gopinath for his expertise in various fields. His reputation has even reached overseas, where, he was invited and felicitated by various NRI organisations.

Gopinath’s revolutionary and eye-opening discourses during Andhraodhyamam, Indo-China and Kargil wars and their impact on public, is noteworthy.Be it of any kind, Gopinath always had a special mark in his discourses.

Coming to folkand related performance,Gopinath has always been at his best, compared to any others in that specific field, in the entire Rayalaseema region. He has a unique mark in singing typical folk-based songs, in a very simple and easy-to-understand manner.KaadarayyaPaata, among many other folk performances of Gopinath, is very well-known, nation-wide. Gopinath is often called ‘Kaadarayya’, for his excellence in performing this specific song.

Recognising his work behind success of 5,000 meetings,Lalitha Kala Parishath (LKP), Dharmavaram Kalaa Joythi and Subbarao peta Jaanapada Yuva Kalaakaarula Sangham felicitated Gopinathwith the title, ‘Pancha sahasrasabhaa Saamraat’.

In 2000, LKP felicitated Adoni Narasimha Murthy with the silver jubilee honour, for his contribution to Parishath as a Secretary. Narasimha Murthy and Gopinath were considered as a ‘duo’ for LKP.Considering their contribution, LKP has been offering the duo, a full-fledged support.

Ex-Vice-chancellor of Sri Potti sreeramulu University, Acharya G.V.Subrahmanyam, famously quoted Gopinath as ‘Haasya Bharathiin speech’,‘Hridaya Bharathi’ in singing’, ‘Jnaana Bharathi’in folk-related art’, ‘Sneha Bharathi’ in offering friendship’and ‘Kalaa Bharathi’, as a whole.

Some of the organisations, to which, Gopinath offered his valuable services include:

  • District Library, Anantapur, for almost 35 years
  • Lalitha Kala Parishath, for almost five decades
  • Dharmavaram Kalajyothi, for four decades
  • JanapadaYuva Kalakaarula Sangham, for almost 25 years
  • TTD Dharma Prachara Parishath, for almost three decades

Some of the personalities, according to Gopinath, who have supportedhim in his career, include:

  • Velagaa Venkatappayya, Granthaalyaa Jyoti, Tenali
  • Jaanamaddi Hanumacchaa Sastry, Cuddapah
  • Roddam Prabhakara Rao, Rtd D.G.P, Andhra Pradesh

Organisations that have extended media supportin promoting him all across:

  • Aakaashavaani, Cuddapah and Anantapur
  • Dooradarshan, ETV-2, Maaseema and Teja TV