Born in the year July 01, 1945, Narayana Swamy made his first stage performance as ‘Narada’, at the age of 10 years, and has delivered ‘n’ number of drama performances, till date.Even though a Post Graduate in Civil Engineering (M.Tech, Civil), Narayana Swamy’s love for art and culture made his continue his contribution to the world of art, even at the age of 70 years. The most recent stage performance of Narayana Swamy was in 2016on the occasion of ‘Nandi Naatakotsavam’ organised by the Government of Andra Pradesh, where he performed as ‘Yamadharma Raju’ in the ‘Sati Savitri’ play.

Narayana Swamy also delivered his services to the Government of Andhra Pradesh as a nodal officer of Janma Bhoomi Program at Narpal Mandal, Anantapur District, for almost seven years. For his contribution, the Government of Andhra Pradesh awarded him, the ‘Best Nodal Officer Award’. He also won awards during the 1999-2002 period, for his unforgettable services as an engineer. As an engineer, Narayana Swamy served J.E and D.E.E positions at the Panchayati RajDepartment, Government of Andhra Pradesh, before he got retired on July 30, 2003, after which, he dedicated fully for the development of LKP.

Having started his career at LKP as its member and technical advisor, Narayana Swamy grew to become the Principal Secretary of LKP in April 8, 2007, the year he was officially elected. Since then, he has been successfully organizing various cultural programs in encouragement to the field of theatre arts.As the LKP, Principal Secretary, Narayana Swamy has been conducting training sessions and drama programs at free of cost, in collaboration with other cultural organizations like A.P.S.R.T.C. By investing around Rs.40,000/-, Narayana Swamy has been organizing monthly programs, felicitating many artists and experts in the art field.

Besides, on an annual basis, under the Secretary-level leadership of Narayana Swamy, LKP has been giving away various awards to artists, who have excelled in the field of art.

Some of the key contributions made by Narayana Swamy to LKP, as the Principal Secretary are:

  • Library in the name of Amalladinne Gopinath
  • A temple in the LKP Complex
  • A building in the name of Pappuru Ramacharyulu
  • A stage in the name of Meda Subbaiah Sreshti
  • A recording studio in the LKP complex
  • Residential quarters for LKP employees

Concrete flooring for LKP, guest rooms for artists, advanced sound systems within the LKP auditorium are among developments that took place during Narayana Swamy’s tenure as the LKP’s Principal Secretary.

Some of the key dates and events pertaining to Narayana Swamy’s profile:

  • 8-4-2007: Narayana Swamy elected as Secretary, LKP
  • 3-5-2007: Delivering Annamayya Devotional Song Performance
  • 20-5-2007: Peformance of ‘Chicchu’ play
  • 9-9-2007: Kick-start of month-wise programs
  • 13-10-2007: ‘Tolubommalata of Mairavana Charitam’ by Paaluvai artists
  • 14-1-2008: ‘Rangoli Competition’ on the occasion of Sankranti Festival
  • 28-2-2008: Annamaya plays byTTD, and musical performance by Tirupati Harigopal and Obayya
  • 21-3-2008: Price money of Rs. 20,000/- to poets for ‘Animutyamulu’
  • 7-4-2008: Ugadi Celebrations
  • 24-5-2008: Kalluru Subbarao Birthday Celebrations
  • 13-6-2008: ‘SriKrisha Tulabhaara’ play
  • 19-9-2008: ‘Harischandra’ play
  • 14-01-2009: Sankranti Celebrations
  • 10-2-2009 to 12-2-2009: Sri Krishandevaraya of 500 years Centenary Celebrations
  • 27-3-2009: Ugadi Celebrations, followed by ‘Kuchipudi’ performance and felicitations
  • 25-5-2009: Kalluru Subbara Jayanti and Bellari Raghava Awards
  • 16-6-2009: Janapada Nrutyam
  • 26—6-2009: The ‘Srikrishnabaaram’ play
  • 26-6-2010: ‘Matrusri Vengamamba Natakam’
  • 14-2-2011: Fine Arts Library
  • 25-5-212: Kalluru Subbarao Award presented to Kalluru Adinarayana
  • 19-8-2012: Handircraft presentation at LKP
  • 8-11-2016: ‘Harishchandra’ play on the occasion of Pappuru Ramacharya Centenary Celebrations


Key stage performances of Narayana Swamy include:

  • Entry performance as ‘Narada’, at the age of 10 years
  • As ‘Bheema’ in ‘Keechaka Vadha’ play (1956)
  • As ‘Sri Krishna’ in ‘Srikrishna Rayabaaram’ play (1968)
  • As ‘Raja Yayati’ in ‘Ramanjaneya Yuddham’ play (1969)
  • As ‘Raja Karyavardhi’ in ‘Bala Nagamma’ play (1970)
  • As ‘MayalaMaratii’ in ‘Bala Nagamma’ play (1971)
  • As ‘Bilvamangaludu’ in ‘Chintamani’ play (1971)
  • As ‘Bhavani Shankara’ in ‘Chintamani’ play (1971)
  • As ‘Srikrishna’ in ‘Srikrishna Tulabhaaram’ play (2008)
  • As ‘Sir Thomas Manro’ in ‘Sri Raghavendra Vijayam’ play
  • As ‘RutherFord’ in ‘Alluri Seetaramaraju’play
  • As ‘NRI’ in ‘Maarpu’ play (2009)
  • As a ‘Yamadharma Raja’ in ‘Sati Savitri’ play (2016)