Having hosted various kingdoms, such as Mourya, Satavahana, Pallava, Chalukya, Hoyasala, Vijayanagara and Hande, Anantapur still has many forts, rivers, spiritual and cultural centres built by those kingdoms, representing the region’s historical value.

Going ahead, the district is home toeminent politicians, such as Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, Kalluru Subbarao, Pappuru Ramacharyulu and Tarimela Naginreddy. When it comes to culture, drama, music and cinema, the region has stalwarts, such as Ballari Raghava, C.N.Venkatarao, K.V.Reddy and Sandhya vandam Srinivasa Rao.

Anantapur holds major contribution to literature,by being home to legends, such as Amarasimhudu (author of Amarakosam),Rallapall iAnanthakrishna Sharma (renowned singer and literature expert), Puttaparthi Narayanaacharyulu (popularly called Pumbhava Saraswati, for his excellence in 14 languages) and Paidi Lakshmayya (script writer).

When it comes to spirituality, needless to say, the region hosted Sri Puttaparthi Satyasai Baba and Bommeparthi Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji, who have earned deep respect and ‘n’ number of devotees, across the globe.

When it comes to drama and art related fields, ‘Lalit Kala’ holds significance for its exceptional style of portraying inner sense of real life aspects in the form of a simple and easily understandable play.

Among all those, who have sacrificed their lives for the development of ‘Lalit Kala’ over years, Roddam Hanumantha Rao holds a special place. According to Dr.Mikkilineni, Hanumantha Rao has almost submitted self for the overall development of drama and theatre arts in the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh, by contributing to the full-fledged development of ‘Lalitha Kala Parishath’.

Ballari Raghava, Roddam Rajarao and Roddam Hanumantha Rao are among prominent personalities, who have significantly brought in global recognition to the Anantapur district and the field of drama in the region. Youngest among the three, Roddam Hanumantha Rao holds a key significance. These three eminent personalities were lawyers by profession and the combination of this ‘trio’ is considered as a ‘golden period’ for the field of drama.

Roddam’s is a well-known pandit family in the Anantapur district,popularly known to have contributed to music, literature and social fields, for almost four generations.Roddam Hanumantha Rao was utmost successful and excelled as a lawyer, actor and sportsman. During the pre-Independence era, when there was no proper media to reach out to public, it was the Roddam family that offered major contribution to the field of drama by spreading word about drama and art by performing plays,all over. While the elder one, Roddam Rajarao played a hero in the historical and spiritual programs, the younger one, Roddam Hanumantha Rao was well-known for his female lead role, as a heroine.

After the sad demise of Roddam Rajarao, Hanumantha Rao continued as a hero, performing plays on historical, spiritual, social drama, among various other aspects, across the state. He formed drama societies across the district and encouraged many young, upcoming drama artists, by offering themrequired training in drama. During the same period, Kala prapoornaPaidi Lakshmaiah extended his support to Hanumantha Rao, as a writer. Many students, trained under Hanumantha Rao, excelled in their related fields and contributed to the state-wide expansion of drama-related activities.

Kalluru Subbarao, Kondal Rao I.A.S and Roddam Hanumantha Rao are considered the pillars for establishment and development of a superior organization for drama, i.e, today’s magnificent ‘Lalitha Kala Parishath’. Hanumantha Rao is at the forefront, among those, who have contributed majorly to the development of LKP. Hanumantha Rao is the personality behind the formation of an academy for drama and theatre arts, associated with LKP. As the very first principal of the institute, Hanumantha Rao trained and delivered thousands of talented artists of the future.

From Srikakulam to Chittoordistricts of the Andhra Pradesh State, Hanumantha Rao’s residence was renowned for having hosted many drama societies and artists, who come their way to perform in Anantapur, which shows his love and respect for artists.

Born on February 6, 1906, on the auspicious day of Mahaa Sivaraatri, Hanumantha Rao left his material body on January 14, 1980, on the Sankranti festival day.During his76years of life time, Hanumantha Rao delivered unforgettable services to the field of art and drama, as a lead actor & actress, founder of theatre/drama societies, member of the Andhra Pradesh Music & Drama Academy, as a key backbone behind the establishment of LKP, founder and first principal of the drama institute under LKP, for almost 70 years.