LKP have three members and conduct sangita sikshanalayamulu every day padya natakam, social drams, nruthyam is performing and learning peoples from LKP funds. Every month masa vari karykramam drama will be performed in LKP by local artists and LKP artists aslo, every year this institution will give awards kalluru subbarao award, Bellari Ragava award, Narayanachar award, KC rathamma award and photography award.

We are exempted from income tax 11 & 12, Every year we have audit from Govt. The committe will meet every month of second saturday.

Memorandum of Association

To encourage fine arts-Viz. Dance,Music, Chitralekhanam, Nataka Kousalyam and Sahithyam.
To give training to the aspirants particularly in dancing, and music under able Tutors.
To open institutions for the purpose throughout the district.
To undertake and carry out any other ateps calculated to promote the above objects.

Governig Body:-

Ex Officia Chairman:-

1. Sri G. Veerapandyam, I.A.S.,
He as joined as recently District Collector ATP.

Vice President:-

2. Sri A. Narsimha Murthy, M.A. B.T.,
3. Sri Meda Subramanyam, Executive President,
M.Com. L.L.B.,

Hon. Secretary:-

4. Sri G. Narayana Swamy, M.Tech.,
Dy. Executive Engineer(P.R) (Retd)

Organising Secretary:-

5. Sri C. Ramu, M.A.,

Assistant Secretary:-

4. Sri Eluru Yenganna


6. Sri K.C. Krishna.

Executive Members:-

1. Dr. A. Kesanna.
2. Sri D. Viswanatha Gupta.
3. Sri K. Rama Seshaiah, B.Sc.,B.T.,
4. Sri Sri Malleswara Gupta,
5. Sri Meda Sai Baba Prasad, B.E.,